Start your business journey with clear understanding. Here's what you will find in this book:

Section 1: The Business Mindset
Steve discusses the qualities of an entrepreneur and the business mindset, with a focus on self-confidence, planning, and organization.

Section 2: Getting Started
Steve looks at the importance of a business plan and the components of one, as well as profit centers, forecasting and upselling, and pricing products and services.

Section 3: Conducting Business
Steve talks about leadership skills and how important they are for success, especially in employee retention. He also covers customer service and hospitality, as well as negotiating and sales tactics.

Section 4: Conquer the Competition
Here's a snapshot of the most crucial points a business owner must manage and master to be successful. This section also features tips about money management and avoiding past-due headaches.

Section 5: Marketing
This is all about how to reach your target customers with marketing strategies and targeted advertising. There's also a section about creating a productive online presence for your business.

Section 6: Plan B (Exit Strategies)
Here Steve asks, "What's my business worth?" Hope for the best. Plan for the worst. It's a sad fact, but sometimes we don't get to control how or when we make our exits.

Steve's Business Workshops
In the book you'll find a general list of the workshops Steve hosts throughout the year. You can find more information and a detailed calendar of events here. (I need a link here, but don't have one yet)

The Appendix section includes helpful resources such as a worksheet for profit center models, a list of business legal structures, setting rates for services, and pricing merchandise.

"Journey for a Lifetime" is an excellent read for beginning entrepreneurs wanting to start their business off right. It is also an excellent resource to those who have been in business for a while but desire to become more profitable. Steve Carver has managed to condense into one book an astounding amount of pertinent information. He generously shares sound business principles, personal life experiences and proven "best practice" strategies for business owners. His book successfully covers business ownership from its initial concept to outlining the exit strategy.

I count myself fortunate to have taken several of his business courses at the local community college. This book, like his courses, will give you sound information that has the potential to propel your business forward. Commit to the process and do your due diligence. Steve has already given us the tools for success.

- Jacqueline Howard,
  Certified Life Coach

One of the best parts of the book to me is the easy flow of the content. Mr. Carver reels you in with the family history of decades of business experience, giving the book the perfect personal touch to go with the hands on, easily implemented strategies for starting, growing, and maintaining a successful business. It is clear that his experience and success in maintaining his family's own successful business for years and his more recent teaching and mentoring new business owners, is an excellent combination for someone looking for advice and guidance in the business world. This book does not disappoint and Mr. Carver's wisdom and knowledge comes from clear practice and implementation, making it real life for those seeking a book that is easy to read but full of practical and no nonsense advice. My husband and I are thankful to now have this book on hand as we have considered going into the small business world for a few years. Great won't be disappointed!

- Amazon Customer

After ten minutes into the book, I was hooked. Anthony Carver brings clear hands-on insight into was it's like to start, grow and keep alive a small family owned business over five decades.

It's a business journey blended with a family story and training manual. I recommend it for any entrepreneurs seeking good, real-life advice from a person still maintaining a 60 year old business. The book is structured and indexed for easy use as a daily reference, planning and troubleshooting guide for business beginners.

- Amazon Customer

Anthony Steven Carver. Steve, founder and CEO of Fast Forward Services, Inc., brings real business experience with over 860 seminar-webinars presentations and forty seven years ownership of retail, wholesale, internet, and private and government service contracting businesses in NC.

He serves private enterprises with one on one and sales/management team special training, appraising, and market surveying projects as well as public speaking on business related topics for Small Business Centers throughout the North Carolina Community College System and individual businesses and private group. He is a member of the United Methodist Church, American Legion, Masonic Lodge, Sudan Temple and Dunn Shrine Club, Dunn Area Chamber of Commerce as well as the NC Writers Network Association.

His business websites:

In Journey for a Lifetime, consultant and long-time business owner Steve Carver reveals time-tested business strategies based on almost six decades of business experience. One step at a time, Steve will walk you through everything from the mindset of a successful business owner to the ins and outs of marketing.
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Journey for a Lifetime